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‘She shares with fine poets like Jane Draycott and Charles Tomlinson an incredibly clear-eyed perception in language which is as musical as it is exact… Lesley Saunders is a very exciting and interesting writer who deserves your closer attention.’ David Morley

‘I knew that Lesley Saunders was on to the real right thing the moment I first read a poem of hers, In Praise of Felt Tips, back in 1987… She is an exciting poet.’ Anthony Thwaite

‘“Cloud Camera” is the most intelligent and thrilling book of poetry I’ve seen in several years...’ Michael Hulse

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Latest entries

Sunday 1 January 2017
Periplous: The Twelve Voyages of Pytheas

Sunday 1 June 2014
The Walls Have Angels

Sunday 29 April 2012
Cloud Camera

Tuesday 30 June 2009
Two commissioned poems - for a garden and for the opening of a new college building, Oxford

Sunday 20 July 2008
One thing I never asked
Arranged and sung by Bobby Patrick

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